Contract Administration

ContractAdmin2-BWBeing involved, where possible, at the Pre-Contract stage  through to Post-Contract and Final Account Reconciliation, Edward works hand in hand and integrates with the Project Team to ensure that his Clients comply with their obligations and receive their due entitlement, and in particular to:

  • The review of Terms and Conditions
  • The correct preparation of contract documentation and the subsequent flow of Sub – Contract documentation
  • Programme monitoring, time slice, time impact analysis etc.
  • The impact of any ‘change’ to the project, and the subsequent delay analysis
  • Provision of the appropriate contract notices to ensure entitlement to ‘time’ and or ‘money’
  • And in Edward’s view the most important function of contract administration is the keeping of the appropriate RECORDS for the production of, if and or when it becomes necessary for
  • Contractual claims and the preparation thereof.